• The farmer next door is spreading fertiliser on the cow paddock.

  • At the setting of the sun …

  • New Zealand has only one native land mammal: the bat. It's exciting that they've been found living only 130 Km away. Rare long-tailed bats found near Dannevirke:

    Horizons Regional Council … staff recently found long-tailed bats living in a mature forest on a sheep and beef farm to the east of Dannevirke.

    … the bat was common in the 1800s, but became scarce in the early-1900s.

    Now, the bat, thought to only produce one offspring a year, is …  one step away from extinct.

  • And the tide went out…

  • At the river, where it turns from flowing West to flowing South (for a bit).

  • When beach visitors have to be towed out of the river by the no longer viable vehicle entrance, and then have to be towed through the river by the sea.

  • It didn’t rain on me…

  • At the mouth of the Waiorongomai Stream.

  • My favourite noise isn't the whistling in my ears

    I'm working on overcoming tinnitus and improving sleep at the moment. After a professional hearing test last week, today I tried this Online Hearing Test. The results seem pretty similar: fairly normal hearing with a bit of (probably age-related) loss at 4,000 and 8,000 Hz.


    I landed on the Hearing Test after visiting (and donating to) myNoise.net. I've been using sounds from that site (or rather, their iPad app) to help me go to sleep.

    Some soundscapes, such as Japanese Garden also help during the day to mask the tinnitus and help my brain to stop focusing on the whistling I hear all the time. I'm trying to train my brain to ignore the tinnitus sounds and it might be working. Yesterday I noticed a period of maybe an hour of blessed silence.

    Tinnitus Tunes (University of Auckland) has set me on this path:

    You may have just discovered you have tinnitus, or you may have had tinnitus for a while and been told "there is nothing that can be done, you will just have to live with it." It makes us mad when we hear that, because it is not true! You can take part in our 12 week Tinnitus Transformation program with online advice, information and treatment broken down into 5 simple steps.

  • Skunk Bear has created a wonderful 9 minute video with Journey Of The Snowy Owl, www.facebook.com/nprskunkb… Do yourself a favour and watch (full screen).

  • I take a selfie every day. I almost never put any of them out in public — it’s a project just for me. But today Sasha joined me…

  • Last week the Antarctic sent us cold air. This week we’re sending it back.

  • I haven’t been for a bike ride for such a long time. I’m out of practice. Good to get out in the sun and fresh air today though.

  • For years I have suffered from poor / insufficient sleep. These days I’m working to change that. Last night’s 9 hours feels good.

  • 4 cubic metres of nice dry firewood. Delivered this morning. After 90 minutes of effort, stored in the shed. Ahhh.

    Firewood delivery.
    Firewood in the shed.
  • One of my favourite views after a cold Southerly storm: snow on the Tararua peaks as seen from the mouth of the Waiorongomai Stream.

    Snow on the Tararua peaks as seen from the mouth of the Waiorongomai Stream.
  • There was a brief gap in the clouds so I was able to see a light dusting of snow on the Tararuas. That's because the wind today is coming straight from Antarctica. Brrrr.

    Early snow on the Tararuas.
    Wind from Antarctica.
  • The thunderstorm at midnight really upset Sasha. Now, at nearly 9 am it’s just rain and maybe dull rumbles, but she’s still unhappy, trembling and restless.

  • I love how the wind smooths and ripples the sand overnight. It was rippling the river water too.

  • There were a lot of birds at the river mouth this morning: Black backed gulls and White-fronted terns in particular. These were just some of them.

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